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Our expertise is the management of change through business strategy, programs, processes and projects.


is the platform methodology for the Helix Group consulting practices and our consulting partners.

Hallmarks of HelixPLAN® are:
• Simplification of complex issues
• Streamlined, yet robust decision processes
• Conclusive decisions with a high level of participant buy-in
• Innovative tools, techniques, and materials for team working, information gathering, idea generation, analysis, assessment, and decision-making
• Ability to leverage client methods such as Six Sigma, Hoshin, Project Management, etc.


Our Services

• Business Planning and Planning Process Development
• Process Improvement
• Information Technology Organization Effectiveness
• Training

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Management Issues

The Helix Group has an innovative way of converting management issues into effective decisions, plans, buy-in and actions. We also achieve a high level of teamwork along the way.

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Client Successes

The Helix Group believes consulting is a partnership and should be done jointly with the client as a process of assessing the client's situation, and together developing conclusions and selected courses of action.

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