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Client Successes

Strategy Session ParticipantsWhat differentiates The Helix Group's consulting approach?

The Helix Group believes consulting is a partnership and should be done jointly with the client as a process of assessing the client's situation, and together developing conclusions and selected courses of action.

Our participatory consulting methods produce a high degree of client satisfaction. Clients like their increased level of understanding of the situation and the teamwork cultivated. Clients also like the buy-in and ownership of team-developed solutions.

Helix Group's methods are scalable to large or small efforts.

Our methods are also adjustable to the level of assistance the client wants. We consider ourselves part of a team consisting of client resources and Helix Group resources. We can and do operate as a small part of the total resources on the team, and we can and do operate as a large part of the total resources on the team.

Three important reasons for The Helix Group to facilitate a client decision-making or planning session:

Helix knows how to ask the right questions without wasting time on superfluous questions or discussions. We leverage the collective wisdom in the room.
HelixPLAN® provides proven methods for a management team to focus on what's important, think critically, come to consensus, make decisions, and get on with it.
A management team member who acts as facilitator is neutralized from participating fully in the discussion, debate, and decision-making required of them during meetings.