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Cantrell, Henry + Associates, LLC specializes in helping organizations to drive results from defining, and most importantly EXECUTING, strategic and operational/process improvement initiatives, with very deep expertise in planning, navigating and succeeding in complex change. CHA's principals, Steve Cantrell and Sharol Henry, have extensive in-the-trenches experience with organizations in many industries, cultures and countries ... both from working INSIDE organizations during their long corporate careers ... AND from working ALONGSIDE organizations as partners.

CHA knows the major and all too common root cause underneath why so many organizations struggle with aspects of their critically important change efforts ... there is a know-HOW problem, NOT a know-WHAT or even know-WHY problem. Conventional consulting assistance will NOT solve a know-HOW problem as it is overly focused on the WHAT and the WHY. Conventional consultants are NOT really in the business of actually building capability in their client's people.

CHA partners with its clients as "business transformation coaches", bringing the ability to HIGHLY leverage the abundant expertise that all organizations have, but are often not able to fully harness. CHA provides, and continually teaches and supports, powerful processes, tools, and methods that increase in-house capability, while accelerating commitment, action, and results all along the way! Many others make this claim ... but we actually do it!

CHA's approach to accelerating large-scale change and performance results is called Kill 4 Birds with One Stone®. This approach leverages the power of frequent, targeted, highly efficient, expertly designed working sessions as the way to get four things done simultaneously, rather than dealing with them separately:

Bird 1: Get the seemingly never-ending, tremendously complex work of real and lasting change done
Bird 2: Accelerate learning of new concepts and principles while doing it
Bird 3: Change thinking and behavior ... starting long before "implementation" begins
Bird 4: Build emotional connection and commitment from the very outset and all along the way ... to dramatically reduce resistance and accelerate change and results!

Using and building their capabilities in this approach has enabled many other companies to "crack the code" on their most challenging aspects of their business problems and initiatives. Our clients achieve faster, better, more sustainable results in major change initiatives than some even think possible!

Kill 4 Birds with One Stone® is a registered trademark of Cantrell, Henry + Associates, LLC. All rights reserved.