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Business Planning and Planning Process Development:

The road maps for business success are often evolutionary and full of pot holes. The Helix Group is experienced at developing tailored planning processes that fit an organization's planning readiness level and decision-making culture. Also, The Helix Group has created and uses a unique methodology for the design, development and facilitation of executive planning sessions. With this key assistance, the client group develops either the strategic or tactical plan.

The Helix Group's experience in strategic and tactical planning processes can assist your corporation or functional division (Sales, Service, I/T, Manufacturing, etc.) in developing its strategic and/or tactical planning process. A well implemented, planning process will maintain the road maps defined by Business Strategic/Tactical Planning.

Process Improvement / Process Management:

If there is a selected process (e.g., Customer Service, Market Development, etc.) that needs focus, the Helix Group can assist the client group to develop, continuously improve, or re-engineer the process. This effort can be coordinated with the creation of an enterprise-wide process model.

If there is a need to enhance the management of processes within the corporation or a functional division, The Helix Group can assist in the design, development or implementation of a process reengineering process, a continuous improvement process, and/or a process development process.

Information Technology Organization Effectiveness:

Using the distinctive methodology of The Helix Group, the client I/T management team can identify its key issues; determine its critical success factors and assess any or all of its strategic, tactical, control and operational processes. These can be assessed against a complete and comprehensive process model for managing I/T. The net objective is to develop prioritized improvement plans for I/T.


HelixPLAN® Training provides the opportunity for self-directed, on-going success for the client team. The Helix Group can enhance client in-house skills in: